My name is Joshua Wright - I was born and raised in Delaware, Ohio with heavy interests in photography and fashion. Growing up, my signature aesthetic was left on anything I touched; whether it was my car, photography, fashion, or living space. Creativity was never lacking, which eventually (after years of business experience in the gym industry) collided into entrepreneurship & starting my own company. Fast forward to modern day, I live in sunny Los Angeles orchestrating every single aspect of my brand. From raw fabric to shipment, my hands are handling every detail in order to deliver the highest quality service.

By definition, a vicissitude is an event or timeframe that is unwelcome or unpleasant. The times that test our very will to keep pushing are the ones that shape our character the most. No matter whether physical or mental, we are all going through something.


At a young age I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, causing me to begin a chapter of my life much like a roller coaster, ups and downs in which I never imagined. With a life threatening abscess, and over half a foot of intestine removed, I was truly at my lowest. The recovery would be the worst part, having to grasp dealing with this confusing chronic disease while trying to rebuild a body fighting itself from the inside out.
However, I look back on these times only to realize what a true blessing it was. These times tested my strength, faith, and character to make me see what truly matters. A new life emerged from what was seemingly unrepairable damage.
"You may need to go through a vicissitude in order to achieve true happiness."